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In the future this website will be filled with stories, pictures and more about the history and the building of this residence. If you have stories to tell or if you have pictures on this subject please email them to me so that this will be a website for and by the owners.

14-04-2009: General Meeting

On Fryday the 17th at 15.00 hours the General Meeting will be organised in the KRYS Hotel in Antibes. I hope the standing of this Villa reflexes itself in this meeting.

01-08-2008: Member section on this website has been closed

This website exists since August 2005 and the member section has been closed in August 2008.

We continue with a free website on the Villa Francesca in Antibes with its history, pictures and all there is to tell about our Villa. The members are informed about the closing of the member section. However if you paid for a longer period than August 2008 I can return your membership fee. Please write me an e-mail with your bank details so that I can return your fee.

Every family, living in the Villa Francesca, can have his e-mail box on this site. For the members, your e-mail box will be closed on the first of October 2008. However if you want to go on using it also write me an e-mail and we keep it open for you.

The mail box on this site is available for all inhabitants of the Villa Francesca. You only pay € 10,00 per year to use this e-mail box service. The mailbox has 25 Mb and each message will be kept for one month.

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